Back to work

Txola, home of my dj residency, closed down for the month of August, so i took the opportunity to get to London, and get some new tunes, and also get some tracks mixed, however a faulty hard drive kicked that idea to the margin.

"But didn't you have your tracks backed up?"
That's what the hard drive was for!

So I've now been told by somebody that knows, Lacie hard drives, they have a good metal case, but the power supply unit is back-up the back-up.

After the record-buying excursion and hard drive experience it was time for proper relaxation in Costa Rica..what a place! Never seen a place so green in all my life. More about that soon.

Meanwhile i'm waiting for the postman to deliver the records that I bought in London, i had way too much in the excess baggage department, plus I didn't want to carry all the vinyl to Costa Rica for it to get soaked in the torrential downpours that they have thre, it being rainy season and all. I am content with the 7"s that i managed to bring back....Cutty Ranks, Wareika Hill Sounds,
J*Star, Junior Reid, MC Gringo/Toddla T remix, The Beatles on a Nyabinghi tip, Burro Banton, Cavaliers Unlimited All due for a lashing tonight at Txola, action kicks off at midnight.

Womad Las Palmas 2008

Here´s the initial line-up /Cartel artístico for this years Womad in Gran Canaria 6,7,8,9 de Noviembre.

Ba Cissoko (Guinea-Conakry)
Babylon Circus (Francia)
D.WattsRiot (Reino Unido)
Darga (Marruecos)
DJ Mr Benn (Reino Unido)
DJ Yoda (Reino Unido)
El Guincho (España)
El Tío Carlos (España)
Femi Kuti (Nigeria)
Mariem Hassan (Sáhara Occidental)
Siyaya (Zimbabue)
Speed Caravan (Francia)
The F.E.O.S. (España)
Tony Allen (Nigeria)
Tulsa (España)

Mmmm.....Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, El Guincho, DJ Yoda....I know of the rest are new to me, that´s what we love about Womad, always bringing something fresh to the scenario.

The festival is free, and if you are travelling within the Canary Islands, you can get ferry tickets at a reduced fare due as the days of the festival will be considered "C-days" as in Culture, hence they got some special deal going on with the airlines and ferry companies.

DJ Yoda

On the way to Gaza...the first despatch from Aki / Fun-da-mental

Well Well!!!!
I do not know where to start - I am pushed to extreme feelings of WOW !and then I am thinking SHIT!
A lot of what is happening is in secrecy due to the nature of the project but also historically the Israelis are very good at covert operations and I am sure they know a lot more and slowly we are finding out things - its exciting but also the more deeper you get the more scary it gets.
Firstly I must say from my heart that I have met some people who are part of the project and not only am I humbled but absolutely adore them.
These people are the best of humans-sincere passionate and have a history of frontline activity - not just talkers but walkers.Can you beleive the eldest one is a holocaust surviver at the tender age of 83 and will turn 84 -inshallah -on this trip. I have met Jews who are actually repulsed by the tactics of their STATE and they say things which I always knew but dare not say because of the "accusation culture" however happy that my instinct has served me well.
It is a wealth of nationalities and I love them all from my heart. We spend time talking about being killed - yes and its frightening but none of these veteran activists trust the Israelis 1%. They have seen the injustice and the murder of Palestinians first hand- the information is frontline, troubling yet exposing- says a lot about the media in terms of its coverage of the issue. There are many stories and it reminds me of our experiences in Bosnia and South Africa and many other places.
Everything is on film and the tapes have been packaged and arrived in London two days ago - we know the Israelis will want the evidence and confiscate it but they are too late for part one.

There are so many stories I want to tell everyone and will do slowly but in all honesty this is one of the best yet fearful experiences in my life. My family do not know and I cannot tell them because I know one phone call from my children will have me on the first plane back. It is a dangerous and unpredicatable protest - if you really think about it -we are challenging the OPPRESSOR albeit in an absolute non violent way however the challenge is in its face - everything it stands for - its domination, its exploitation, its injustice and inhuman tactics against a people that have done them no wrong and may I say are the only people, the Palestinians, who can resolve this issue - the Israelis have no legitimacy whatsover and especially with their elder and more obese bastard bully big brother the GOVT OF THE USA- may Allah guide them or destroy them.

We are tactically well ahead of the game and the Zionists know this - and trying to spread the usual rubbish- yesterday at a press conferance a heated debate with a zionist pig of journalist confirmed a lot of my thoughts - he was identical to the repulsive arguments of White South Africaners - and the racists from all corners of the globe - the same arguments that the British State have repeated and directed towards its ethnic communities - they and many others are of the same ilk- Satans Septic Sperm- not an ounce of balance and blinded by their own arrogance.
I would like to ask all of you to please create awareness to the max on this protest - imagine what it is and imagine been here - it is history - it is when people unite for a better society and this really troubles the status quo.

I am here with Christian nuns- atheists- sufi surf boarders- anarchists- other muslims and many others- the amount of women is awesome- it just shows up the male species to no end- Contact the media and talk shows and create the dialogue- the more attention we get the better chances WE WILL NOT BE KILLED. So do what you can cos I have no intention of dying at the hands of these bastards - if I could I would bring my children with me so that they would part of a better future of real change but the struggle does not want statistics it needs people to fight the day after.

Hady Epstein is worth googling and if she does not inspire you to use your energy in any way then I do not know what to say .If you have a boat or a dinghy see you soon - try to create a demonstration outside the embassy - it all helps to stop those GUNBOATS taking potshots - AND this is a what we are trying to avoid by creating a media blitz - please do what you can and remember this is absolutely 100% NON VIOLENT - but if an Israeli soldier pushes me around I am gonna give him the Bradford Kiss.

There is lots of info in the links- please excuse my grammar and spelling feel free to correct and copy my e mail to your networks and people. I have put myself on the line please do what you can and I know it is worth it.

The Palestinians know we are coming and arranging to break rules to greet us - this is a cause which effects us all - jews christians and muslims- anarchists and tree worshippers.

I feel blessed that I have been given this opportunity - many of the people have children yet they are here - in a perverse way we are helping the Israelis stop their oppression and injustice so we also contribute to their enlightenment but most of all we are showing that we care about the Palestinians and their struggle - they are not the victims - they are free as they fight for their rights-the Israelis are the victims of their injustice and blind arrogance.

We will be boarding the boat very soon - I am here with Sister Yvonne Ridley who is doing all she can to raise the banner and am indebted to her for inviting me- it takes a little to acheive a lot as I see her work. Check out her blog as she is far more articulate about the story than me. Me, I am just being Aki because that is all I know and thats my profession.

As soon as possible I will do part two but I may be on the boat so forgive me.

Love all as later there may be none

Aki (not ready for a R.I.P )

Dicing with death for the freedom of Gaza (Sat 02 Aug)§ionid=3510304
Israel to scupper Gaza peace boat (Sun 03 Aug)§ionid=351020202

Musicalia Festival

Saturday 24 May in La Laguna, Tenerife, Musicalia magazine from La Palma are presenting a festival with La Kinky Beat from Barcelona, local ragga-drum n´ bass outfit Tropico28, and music workshops with Tenerife´s favourite percussionist, Nani.
The lastest issue of Musicalia is out now and features articles on Afel Boucoum, Rachid Taha and an interview with myself. The interviewer did say that some of the things i said could prevent me from getting certain gigs in the future. We´ll let the powers that be decide that then shall we? Much thanks to the Musicalia team; Estrella, Pino, Presidente Nacho, Urena, Dani SV.
Thanks also to Valen, for her support.

Clandestino Festival, Sweden

I´ve had the pleasure of submitting suggestions to my man, Aleksander in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the sixth edition of the Clandestino Festival, which is taking place over the June 13-14th weekend. The line up is looking like this so far.....

Susheela Raman [UK]
El Guincho[ESP]
Rough Americana [ITA/US]
Ghislain Poirier LIVE [NINJA TUNE/CAN]
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen [NINJA TUNE/UK&JAMAICA]
Sub Swara [US]
Nazarenes [SWE]
Echodeck [SWE]
Konono N° 1 [CONGO]
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba [MALI]
Aba Shanti-I [UK]
Amir Sulaiman [US]
DJ Mutamassik [US]
D. WattsRiot [ESP]

....yup, scorching huh?!

The Onion looks at the War for the White House

The Onion: Diebold Accidentally release the 2008 Election results.
Coupled with the news of Ralph Nader entering the election race, and that many people still blame him for Bush getting into the White House instead of Gore....have a look and refresh your memory banks with Greg Palast...or maybe you never saw this story about election fraud.

International Terror / Noam Chomsky

If Washington turned its definition of terror on the U.S.A., it would rise to the top of its own most-wanted list.

You knew that anyway.

The minute you try to turn the Washington norm (in word or act) around, you've already entered the theater of the absurd.

Noam Chomsky looks at the words and actions in his latest book. Very good insight from Juan Cole on the recent sacking of the USA embassy in Serbia....

"When Serbs stormed the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, he offered the following comment (with so many years of the term "Islamofascism" in mind): "...given that the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox Christians, will the Republican Party and Fox Cable News now start fulminating against 'Christofascism?'"

Here for the full monty

Have a good day now.